sn-zealandia New Zealnd

I went to the wildlife reserve “ZEALANDIA” near Wellington downtown! It’s a little different from a zoo, and it’s a place where precious indigenous creatures live in nature.

This time, I will send you local information along with how to get to the ZEALANDIA! Embark on a journey to discover New Zealand’s unique creatures in nature!


It is a wildlife reserve.

Wildlife sanctuaries are places that offer the opportunity to become closer to nature while protecting it and the ecosystem while giving consideration to the environment and sustainability. For example, it is a well-designed place to breed animals registered as an endangered species, while still allowing people to enjoy the observation as long as it does not affect their breeding.

Attention is also paid to that these areas do not bring in pests that are natural enemies from outside. When I entered New Zealand, I remembered that we were restricted from bringing in hiking shoes.

Especially in New Zealand, there is a movement to exterminate the animals brought in, and Possum, for example, may be the extermination animal. Originally, New Zealand was an island where there were no mammals other than dolphins and whales, and it is said that one of the reasons is that there were many flightless birds because no mammals that could be natural enemies for them.

Moa has become extinct because it has become a food source for people. Possum eats the eggs of birds, threatening the ecology of the original island’s original species, which is very hated by New Zealanders.

For example, when driving on a forest road, Possum often pops out, but New Zealanders often say, “Because they are pests, please run over” with half seriously and half joking.

That is why it is a country that focuses on the preservation of the environment and ecosystem.

Getting There

Access is very good.
There isa free shuttle from the city center and the cable car station, and if you drive to it, it’s only 10 minutes from the city center of Wellington.

One of the good points of New Zealand is that there is nature near city center.

Birds you have NEVER SEEN in the forest

Well, what is there actually like? You will walk through the vast forest and seek for various birds, frogs, other reptiles and wetas unique to New Zealand. I didn’t meet, but there seems to be Kiwi too.

Of course, it is not a protected area, but unlike zoos, it is a wildlife, so there is a possibility that you may not be able to meet some of them.

Even if you just walk in the forest, you can hear the chirping of birds and it feels great.

In addition, some food is placed, so you can observe the birds that flock there.

“Kaka” is eating food
“Takahe” the flightless bird
“Saddleback” which has unique pattern on his back
“Duck” on the boat


When I went, I couldn’t meet so many kinds of creatures, probably because it was raining. However, when I saw “Takahe” and “Saddleback”, I was very excited.

Especially for the Takahe, it is a bigger bird than I expected, and his wings are very beautiful. Since it was a long distance, it may not be conveyed in the photograph, but for me who had never seen a flightless bird other than an ostrich, it was a great opportunity to see a new flightless bird with my eye.

If you have luck, you would meet kiwi, gecko, tuatara and some lives which are rare to meet in the wild.

I strongly recommend you to visit there when you come to Wellington!