Museum of New Zealand “Te Papa Tongarewa”

sn-te-papa-tongarewa New Zealnd

Due to the influence of corona, the entrance to the museums, galleries and zoos is free until June! So, I slipped in and went to the New Zealand National Museum “Te Papa Tongarewa”!

Where is it? What can you see? I will deliver the local situation mainly.

What is Museum of New Zealand “Te Papa Tongarewa”?

There seem to be several museums in each region of New Zealand, but Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington seems a little special.

The name of the museum, “Te Papa Tongarewa”, is Maori and can be translated as “the place of treasures of this land”.

In other words, it can be seen from the name that it is a place where cultural properties that are very important to New Zealand people are stored.

Getting There

The location is very good.
It is within a 10-minute walk of Wellington’s city centre.

Although there is paid parking, so it is easy for visitors with a car.

There is a cafe in the museum, but it’s a little expensive. However, since it is located within a 10-minute walk from a street with many cafes and restaurants, it is easy to take a break at a nearby cafe after having a look around the museum.

Learn about New Zealand’s nature and history

Speaking of New Zealand, the rare animals, cooperation between aboriginal people (Maori) and non-indigenous people, and the vast nature that cannot be seen in other country are unique.

In Te Papa Tongarewa, while touching on these characteristics, you can touch the following things.

It is a 6-story building, and each floor has its own exhibition related to the above.

When I was there, there was a natural exhibition about New Zealand (a permanent exhibition), an exhibition about the New Zealand War, an exhibition about the Maori people (a permanent exhibition), and other works of art.

All of them were spectacular. Though I didn’t take a close look, but it took me about 3 hours to browse all the floors.

Here are some of the inside scenes.

At the entrance, a spinning ball familiar to Kumamoto welcomes you.
Exhibition related to nature in NZ
You can learn a lot about animals like NZ, such as Moa, which is extinct.
I didn’t know there are such a kinds in kiwi
An exhibition about the NZ war. It was powerful.
I could see Maori works. All were interesting.

Where you want to visit once in New Zealand

The National Museum of New Zealand, a place you’ll want to visit once in New Zealand. That’s all you need to know about New Zealand’s vast range of nature, culture and history.

I was very excited especially in the area about nature!

It was because I was able to learn about animals that I cannot meet in Japan while seeing taxidermy. I feel an exotic feeling by itself.

If you have a chance to visit Wellington, be sure to visit.