You don’t have to feel uncomfortableto receive

sn-ushirometasa-iranai New Zealnd

This story is about that if you feel uncomfortable when you receive something, receiving is also your role and may make the person in front of you happy.

Great environment “10 dollars a day”

After finishing my van life, I am visiting my friends working at a resort called Punga Cove Resort.

Where is Punga Cove Resort

They offer us one share house for staff free of charge, and let us take meals which chef makes for staff for 5$ each day and night.
Consume only $10 a day. It’s the best environment for me who want to be unemployed but want time, and want to save as much as possible. I just appreciate my friends.

Although the internet for mobile phone does not enter here, fortunately the Internet passes through the room, so I can proceed with the work I want to do.

If you go outside, you will be in a very nice and luxurious environment where you will be welcomed by the nature of NZ such as wild deer, possums and glowworms in front of the emerald green cove surrounded by mountains.

Wild possum ( So cute, right )

The pain of receiving the same environment without doing anything

In this environment, we eat every meal with staff who are working and tired. Continuing to live and eat with them without doing anything make me feel harder day by day.

It’s similar to the story of payforward, but when you realize you’re still receiving gifts, it becomes painful to be unable to return anything.

After all, last night I told my friends what I was feeling right now, and I asked them if we could help them with a little.

Talking a little about my friend’s profile here, she is a friend studying abroad in Spain, doing working holiday with her boyfriend in Iceland and NZ while traveling to various countries, and currently extended staying in NZ and working at this resort since her boyfriend got sponsorship for work visa from the company.

As an aside, it is relatively easy to obtain permanent resident status in NZ, and once a local company gives you the support of work visa, the possibility of acquiring permanent resident status increases dramatically.

They say they’re happy to hear that, but this time they have us as guests, so we don’t have to worry about anything. They said we should give it back when they ask us to help them someday.

You would experience “the feeling you receive somthing” and “the frustration that you don’t return” when you’re in journey.

It seems that they have gotten a lot of things from various people as they travel across various countries. Of course, there were times when they felt like us, but she said she would try to return sometime when others needed it.

This time I asked them help, but they hope I could help them when they want to travel to Japan or visit our city in NZ.

I was thinking about the same thing, but I was happy to confirm it by talking with my friends.

What I thought about in this conversation is that during a journey (even on a travel), it’s easy to realize the gift and to think more about what you can do when you receive something.

The important role of receiving something from someone

People change their roles from time to time. The role that I play depends on the positions and abilities of the people involved at that time. I realized that being the recipient of something is also a necessary role.

Thankfully, I’m lucky enough to travel.
Often people who don’t know suddenly treat me to something, share something, or suddenly let me attend an event.

After I realized it, I thought I would try not to receive it as much as possible, but I quit it halfway.

This is because I realized that the person who give me something are increasing their happiness through that action from my own experience.

Of course, when I give, I don’t think such complicated things like it makes me happy that complicated. It works with the intuition that it seems to be good before doing calculating thinking.

However, when I think back, it means that someone is pleased with my actions, and that I am somewhat happy because of that. I was happy at that time because there were people who received it.

Rather than feeling uncomfortable and Consideration, I realized that it would be happier to accept and show that I am happy with it.

It may be nervy, but it is my own conclusion made through the experience of traveling to various places. I think it’s alright only if I wouldn’t use the kindness of other person.

Keep in mind what you got, Think about what you can do, Wait for your turn

It’s important to remember that don’t forget if you feel happy, touched, grateful, or sometimes negative when you receive it. It’s not my friend’s story, but not to forget that you’ve received something and wondering what I can do would be the preparation for my next reaction when my turn comes.

I don’t think we need to try to find one. People who think receiving something is normal won’t realize it and that’s fine.

However, if you feel that something is wrong when you receive something, please remind that it is also your role and may make the person in front of you happy. And, instead of feeling hambled, by expressing the gratitude and joy more 20% than normal, you have already returned it.

And if you still have something to do for that, take it to your heart for your turn. I think it’s your next role to payforward. I think that will increase your abundance.

I think one of the abundance is how much happiness you made, including myself.
The difficulty of happiness is that definitions are different depend on people. Therefore, the same actions can be unhappy or happy just by changing the conditions a little.\

If you put unnecessary strain on yourself, the range of unhappy would increase so just relax and wait your turn. In that way, I think turning payforwad will increases small happiness in your life.