Mount Victoria Lookout

sn-mt-victoria New Zealnd

I went to “Mount Victoria Lookout” near Wellington CBD, where you can see the view of Wellington! It is also famous as a place where you can easily walk from downtown Wellington and see the sunrise and sunset.

This time, I will provide you with local information along with directions to the Mount Victoria Lookout!

What is Mount Victoria Lookout?

It is a Lookout overlooking the city of Wellington, which is about 30 minutes on foot from downtown Wellington.

This time, I went to see the sunset, and I’m sure that you can have a good time whenever you visit there. Next time, I’m thinking of going to see the sunrise.

When you get there, you have the 360-degree panoramic view of Wellington.

Wellington is a city with many windy days, and on the lookout deck you have stronger wind than the city center, so please be careful if you walk.

Getting There

Access is very good.
There are buses from the city center and there is a parking lot near the lookout, so it is easy to access by car. Even if you walk, it takes 30 to 40 minutes from the city center.

Since it is close to the city center, you can look down at the city center.

Let’s go to see the SUNRISE and SUNSET in 360 degree panoramic view

This time, I went to see the sunset.

As shown in the image, it was partly cloudy, but I was able to see a very beautiful sunset.

However, the wind around the lookout was quite strong, and sometimes I was about to falling down because wind was so strong. Especially in winter, the wind is cold, so I recommend that you prepare for it.

From the lookout, you can see not only Wellington downtown but also the airport.
You can see airplanes landing and taking off at a close distance, and if you like airplanes, you may be able to enjoy a little different ways.

When you visit Wellington, don’t miss it!

Sunset from Mount Victoria Lookout