Food from around the world gathers! Go to Harborside Market on Sunday!

img-harbourside-market3 New Zealnd

Every Sunday, there is a place for people from Wellington to meet.
That is the Harborside Market!
Wellington has several markets, but here you’ll find food trucks from around the world and fresh vegetables.

This time, I would like to actually go to such a Harborside Market and deliver local information!

What is Harborside Market

Food trucks and fresh vegetables are sold outdoors at a market near the waterfront in Wellington every Sunday.

Every week, 15,000 to 25,000 people visit, and by the side of the food truck, street performances of music and other street performances are also held.
Food trucks lined up along the street along the sea, you can take meal while looking out at the sea, and sometimes spend time enjoying gathering seagulls.

Getting There

There is a market right next to the Museum of New Zealand “Te Papa Tongarewa”, which I introduced before. So it would be nice to go there when you visit Museum.

You can walk to the New Zealand Museum and walk from there, and there is also a parking lot nearby, so you can reach the market without any problems even if nou drive.

It’s less than 15 minutes from downtown Wellington, so if you’re based in downtown, it might be a good idea to go for lunch or a snack.

Food from around the world gathers!

The characteristic of this market is that it is gathering foods from various countries!

There are food trucks for all kinds of cuisines from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and you’ll be wondering which one to eat.
This is where I feel the New Zealand character of being called the “Melting Pot of Races”.

There are food trucks along the road facing the sea, so if you buy your favorite dish, you can eat it while vewing at the sea.

In addition to the dishes for lunch and dinner, desserts like waffles, cakes, ice cream and coffee are sold. So, after taking lunch, you can relax and buy a dessert for the second round!

There are also parts where fresh vegetables are sold.
There is a supermarket called “New World” near the market, but you can get vegetables cheaper than that, so it is recommended that you stop for shopping.

What surprised me the most was that all the shops are cashless.
In Japan, cash is required in most cases when using food trucks for lunch or going to the farmers market.

But you don’t have to bring cash here.

Time to EAT!

Now, let me introduce some food trucks I visited this time!
Fortunately, I didn’t get any fails and every foods and drinks were awesome!

From here, I will deliver the actual atmosphere with photos.

Harborside Market
I took Chinese Crepes as lunch
Took it with viewing sea
Took masara Chai with good spice
I ordered coffee here
Flat white as known of Wellington
Wafel for deserts to finish eating
It was awesome!
You can buy fresh vegetables cheaper here


How was Harborside Market?

It’s fun just to walk, so you can definitely enjoy it even if you take only a walk on Sunday!
It will be held every week, so visit there and don’t miss it!!