New Zealand specialty, Flat White

sn-flatwhite New Zealnd

Speaking of New Zealand, coffee’s flat white is famous!
I have recently walked around three cafes and enjoyed the authentic flat white, so I will introduce it!

What is Flat White?

Well, there are many people who do not know Flat White.
When I came to New Zealand, I was thinking what is Flat White? what is different from latte? I didn’t have the courage to order it, and when I had coffee at the cafe, I always ordered American coffee.

It has been introduced on various blogs, but in a word, Flat White is

New Zealand-born Coffee made of espresso and milk

It seems that it is often drunk in New Zealand and Australia, but recently it seems to be popular worldwide!

But latte, café au lait, and cappuccino, too? How is it different from others?
I think there are many people who think that? I was the same.

Difference between Espresso and Drip coffee

Now, before looking at the differences between Flat White and others, it seems necessary to see the difference between espresso and drip coffee.

The strength of each taste and the strength of caffeine are:

Surprisingly, espresso has weaker caffeine than drip coffee. Espresso has a shorter extraction time than drip coffee, so caffeine is less likely to dissolve in hot water, and when deep-roasted beans are used, it is volatilized during roasting, so caffeine of espresso is actually less than drip coffee.

Difference between café au lait and other milk-based coffees.

Now that you know the difference between espresso and drip coffee, let’s look at the difference between cafe au lait and other milk-based coffees.

The point here is whether you are mixing milk with espresso or drip coffee.

As I’ve already mentioned, you may have noticed that Cafe au lait is a combination of drip coffee and milk, and other coffees including flat white are a combination of espresso and milk.

Cafe au lait is made with a 5:5 ratio of coffee and milk.

Flat White, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino

Now, the difference between three types of coffee using espresso and milk.

By the way, when roughly classified, the difference in the amount of milk and espresso is as above, but the condition of milk is further different.

In the case of flat white, steamed milk is made with finer bubbles than other coffees. So the amount of milk is less than others.

In other words, the proportion of espresso is higher than other coffees, so you can taste espresso more.

Is flat white latte art difficult?

Speaking of coffee using steamed milk, I think the unique latte art comes to mind.

This may happen by chance, but I got latte art that I wonder if varistors in two of the three cafes I’ve visited recently are still training.

Though the latte art of my wife’s cafe latte that came out with my flatwhite was so nice. ..

Since varistor should have made both of our coffees, flat white latte art might be a little difficult.

The taste was awesome everywhere, and I felt rather loved by the latte art that was not perfect.

Beautiful latte art!
Maybe heart..?

Flat White – You want to try once!

Flat white with different latte art for each cafe.
Above all, I highly recommend to drink flat white with breakfast!

Don’t miss it when you travel to New Zealand!