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Hello, I’m Osami!

I start to provide “10 min coaching every weekday morning (1 month program)” for limited people since Jan in 2021!

After I wrote “Encouragement for 10 min Coaching”, I’ve started to take qualifications courses for “10 min Coaching”. I’m sharpening my coaching skill like crazy.

I wrote about the effect of “10 min coaching” though, here are the effects which I recognized from my experience:

So you might take this service if you:

Also this is an early riser challenge between coach and coachee.
Challenge and change your life together!

What is “10 min Coaching”?

“10 min Coaching” here is one of the coaching method which is developed by Kentaro Hayashi who is know the best Executive Coach and Leader Trainer. With “10 min Coaching”, coachee has 10 min coaching session every weekday in the morning for a month.

The detail is written in his blog (unfortunately only Japanese) though, as I excerpt a quote from it, 10 min Coaching is:

A program that aims to dramatically improve the speed of client achievement and problem solving by providing 10 minutes short coaching almost every day for one month.

Kentaro Hayashi / Professional Coach

Mr. Hayashi is the founder of ICF Japan and one of the best coach in Japan. In this qualifications courses for “10 min Coaching”, the teachers including him give me feedback every day and I brush up my coaching skill.

Why now “10 min Coaching”?

Normal coaching method is provided 60 min for 1 session once a week/month. In this way, if you take pro coach, it works well.

However, now it’s hard to predict what happen even in a few month and I feel hard to lay out a goal even in 1 month.
As the things I want to do and my curiosity change rapidly, I find it difficult to decide and execute actions for a month.

For example, if you take coaching session once a month, these problem would happen.

That’s why you need 10 min Coaching which you can run together every day.

Every day 10 min dialogue helps you to find why you change your interest and what you want to do and your way of thinking.
So you get habit of thinking and making action even as the environment and your thoughts change.

The dialogue with coach can shine the light on the part you don’t see and it helps you to activate your brain like aha.

Whole process of 1 month

So whole process of 1 month is here.
※All process held online by zoom or other tools.

【Step 1】・・・60min × 1
At the beginning, you have 1 hour coaching session.
– What you want to achieve in a month?
– What do you want to do for a month?
– What is your action plan for a month? …… etc.
This is normal coaching session.

【Step 2】・・・10min × 18
Every weekday (Mon-Fri) in the morning, you have 10 min coaching session.
You have 18 days. On Sunday, Saturday and holiday is off.

【Step 3】・・・60min × 1
This is the last session.
After taking 10 min coaching session 18 days,
– how do you feel?
– what have you done?
– what did you achieve?
– how do you find out?
This is 1 hour to lead to next action with summarizing this 1 month.

You start these 3 steps from the beginning of the month.
You would experience amazing 1 month.

So please use this program to get off to a promising start of 2021!

In NZ time, provided 12 slots as below: (All in the morning)

In Japan time, provided 9 slots as below: (All in the morning)

About the Fees

Are you interested in it? So here is explained how much exactly is.

My session is US/NZ$ 50 / 1hour.
So roughly I calculate for this every morning 10 min coaching session,,,,

Since step 1-3 takes 5 hours, US/NZ$ 50 * 5 hour = US/NZ$ 250

Only in 1 month, you can have exact outcome and every morning coach supports you so it may be more actually.

However, now I’m still in the process for classification and I also learn with coachees during first month. So only in January, I provide 10 min Coaching with US/NZ$ 100.

From February, I will be classified coach so I raise fee gradually.

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See you!