The insight of 10 min coaching: Day9



Today I’m gonna write about the insight from today’s 10 min coaching qualifications courses.

I’ve learned many new things everyday. And I apply it next day.
But still I have room for the improvement. And our teachers give me effective feedback everyday. Because of that I can improve my coaching skill every single day and worth to take this qualifications courses for me.

Today’s 5 Takeaways

Here is my takeaways today.

  1. You don’t have to follow the frame work always. If following frame work stops client’s thought, it’s better to follow with the flow of dialogue.
  2. You want to ask about the future when client can’t imagine easily. Eg: Ask about a bit further future than you’ve asked before
  3. Sometimes after setting the theme, the dialogue speed may slow down. So in this case, ask future-oriented questions.
  4. The dialogue tends to go about now, so change the tense and support spread the client’s thought.
  5. Confirming what every single client’s words mean is very important.

Every morning, my master Mr. Hayashi has asked us some questions when course begin. Sometimes I was thinking “oh today suddenly this question?” and I should’ve thought the answer from scratch. But after I learn about #2, I understand why it’s effective.

Coach always runs half step faster than client to expand their thought. In this case, if you ask easy question to client, it may not accelerate client to think. So purposely you try to give the question which client can’t guess and answer easily.

As a result, client thinks from the scratch and at this time new idea comes. Actually I experienced many times!

Changes of My Coaching Style

9 Days passed.
When I compare my coaching session now with the first time, I find one big difference.

I started to imagine the client conversation as on big screen image in my head.
As much as client talks widely and deeply, my image spread.
If client talks some detail of vague word, the image of resolution gets better.

Overall, if I could spread this image with high resolution, client can find something in himself, clarify his mind, find new answer as his expected my session.

Sounds like I use right brain more than left brain, doesn’t it?
I felt one big step with this.
One of my issue was I tend to be a solution mode. So I’ve been asking with my intention.
It sometimes may stop client thinking freely.

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