The insight of 10 min coaching: Day13


Hello, I’m a life/executive coach, Osami!

Last time the 10 min coaching course was for reviewing for this half month, sharing what you learnt and asking some questions since we’ve done half of courses.

We’ve asked what we were not clear though we’ve had many feedbacks before. For example “how should I have done in that case?”.

The discussion didn’t stop because we’ve tried many things we learnt. I find many things I agree with and I can improve.

4 Takeaways from Last Time

Last time, I’ve learned:

  1. Change the client focus
  2. the coaching is providing your brain and emotion for your client. Put your emotion aside and accept your client.
  3. When Client freeze(silence), you can wait till he start to talk.
  4. Even if your client is your friend, you communicate with your client as a coach and act proper role for him to open himself.

I’ve realized that I’m not good at asking about the future and feelings.
I tend to think about the past often.

Change the Client Focus

Probably it’s hard to my explanation, the coaching is providing your brain and emotion for your client. Client can use 2 brains during the session so he can think more than when he do it by himself.

Coach need to know what is in client’s mind and coach observe it from third place. Coach has to ask the questions like ridiculous future-oriented questions which expand client’s horizontal when he think narrowly.

By that way, client can deepen understanding with keep wide mind.

I won’t be surprised that you say you don’t get what I mean but I totally understand what should I do when I do coaching.

The coach has to ask “What do you mean?” when client use ambiguous word to adjust the resolution of image the client describes in order to understand his thought. And the coach needs to put his emotion aside and feel how client is feeling together.

With feeling that, when client starts to stack on one thing, coach supports to broaden his mind, let him see the future and think what actions he needs for the future. Coach has to design the time for that.

I know it’s not easy but I want to be in conscious about that.

Don’t break the silence

How do you do when you have the silence in between conversation?

In coaching session, the silence is very important.

When the silence, something happens inside of the client.
As a coach, don’t break the silence and wait the client start to talk.
And that is the value of coaching. There are not many people who wait the silence for you, are there?

Even If the Client Is Your Friend, Communicate As a Coach 100%.

This is my question; how should I communicate with the client if he is my friend.

When I asked about it, “Of course you have to be sure you’re communicating with him as a coach 100%”. Yeah of course!lol. I provide coaching as a professional!

The importance is that which role you do during the session depends on the client situation. You can be friend, listener, leader,,,etc. You have to see which role can make the session be the most valuable for the client.

It doesn’t matter how many minutes your session is.
In 10 min coaching, the coach has to change his role drastically with aligning the client need.

Try 10 min coaching!

From January in 2021, I start 10 min coaching session!

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See you!