The insight of 10 min coaching: Day12


Hello, I’m a life/executive coach, Osami!

I find something new from 10 min coaching qualification course, I do it every day though.
Yesterday I focused on:

Once the client stop to think, change his perspective by questions.

Yesterday’s 6 Takeaways

Yesterday, I’ve learned:

  1. If the client was’t sure how much exactly he want to do that, ask about when he come up with this idea.
  2. When you find the client change, ask “you have new word now” and “have you progressed something inside?” to deepen his understand.
  3. Once you asked about the future, back to now and connect now to the future.
  4. Coach should interact with the client proactively.
  5. Change the word shortly but respectfully.
  6. If the client think too much, suggest just try once.

Yesterday, I thought I push the client too much but in terms of proactive interaction it was good.

And I could do what I wanted to focus on.
As a coach, by doing so the client promised next action even he expedite to do it earlier than he said before.

Will he do what he decide,,,?
I can’t wait to see how it goes.

Coach Should Interact With the Client Proactively

When this course starts, I was trying to listen the client words perfectly and it made me bother when to ask about what come up with my mind and finally I couldn’t ask, deepen his understanding and finish within 10min.

I’ve decided to ask about what come up in my mind and tried to do it boldly because my teacher advised just ask when you have some mind.

I’m not sure how was the client mind but anyway as a result, he’s decided the actions and bring forward to do it.

Ask shortly and casually

At this time I find my next challenge as asking shortly and casually.

Yet I’ve been asking with long phrase since I use honorific expression. But I can ask more casually and by doing so I may shorten the distance between the client and me.

I’m gonna try it and will see how it works but I think that is good idea.

Relationship Between Coach and Client

Before few days, I wrote about the role of coach and client and now I’m thinking how close to the client is good distance as a coach.

Because I think friends also can approach like coach. So now I’m thinking where is the boundary between coach and friend.

This is one of the theme which I want to think.

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