The insight of 10 min coaching: Day11


Hello, I’m a life/executive coach, Osami!

Yesterday, qualifications course was off but we did practice session each other.
We changed the partner so it was kind a first session but I could provide the best coaching session as much as I can without fazing for now.

Yesterday’s 2 Takeaways

Yesterday, I’ve learned:

  1. When the client say “I want to do it!” after placing emphasis on his WANT, he looks so bright and it makes me feel happy.
  2. If the coach could ask future-oriented questions after the client is clear what he wants, it would drives the client action.

Yesterday, we did feedback about what was in mind of the coach and how the client experience was. It was hard to give feedback as a third person with having a session as a client. The client concentrates to think during the session so it happens.

Good Points of Focusing on “WANT”

Since I regret the big fail day before yesterday, I provide session with minding about what is important for the client and why he wants to do it.

Like above, I ask the client vocalize the importance of his action, why it’s important and he wants to take action.

After the session, my client said he made decision strongly after he vocalize “it’s important for me” so it was good to be asked.

From my point of view, it was so impress when the client said “I want to do this!”, “that’s why it’s very important for me” because his face was so bright!
I felt so happy by that and thought the people look so bright when they talk about what they want and their turning point.

The coach gets energy from the client excitement. It is one of the best part of being coach!

The FUTURE-ORIENTED Questions Accelerate the Client

I couldn’t ask future-oriented questions well after the client realize what he wants to do.

By such a questions, design the space for client to think about “what he has to do now” and boost the client action.

Make a spark is lit in the client’s heart, make hime describe his future and make him excited for today. I’m very happy to support you to make your day in this way!

Importance of Feedback from Third Person

I realized the importance of the feedback from third person who is not coach neither client. The feedback from third person who is not related to the session changes my takeaways.

I think it is because the coach and the client concentrate in session so it was very hard to observe the session with having it.

I really appreciate that everyday our best masters give us feedback as a third party.

Yesterday one of the students said:

“I like coaching because the way of approach is not like solving the problems,,,,”

I also thought “Ah, that’s why I like the coaching too”. There is no answer and with the client we create their new life by dialogue and I love it!

Try 10 min coaching!

From January in 2021, I start 10 min coaching session!

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See you!