The insight of 10 min coaching: Day10


Hello, I’m a life/executive coach, Osami!

Today, I’m writing about the takeaways from 10 min coaching qualifications courses yesterday.
Day before yesterday, I felt big improvement as a coach so I was totally ready for the class yesterday. However…. I didn’t make it well yesterday.

Yesterday’s 5 Takeaways

So here are my takeaways:

  1. Coach want to focus on “Why client wants to do it?” but not client task management.
  2. If coach work hard, client stop to work hard.
  3. I can improve the skill to change the theme from “How was yesterday?” to “What do you want to talk in this 10 min” in short time. I can repeat to ask “What do you wanna talk about today?” to aim attention at his WANT so the client slims down his words. Deciding the theme is not the role of coach but of client.
  4. Coach can ask “Why you do that?” many times. It’s very important how we can focus on their WANT/NEED/MISSION/DESIRE for the future essentially.
  5. Why people can challenge the difficulty? When people take the easy way out?

The Role of COACH / CLIENT

You might have heard already but during the session, generally depends on the client situation or needs the coach take a role as:

If the coach couldn’t take a steady role or the role didn’t match the client situation, the dialogue between the client and coach wouldn’t go well. Especially 10 min coaching is short so role matching is very important.

The coach can ask client directly if you don’t know which role is proper.

Equally, a client has role.
Originally, in the coaching session what kind of theme you have?

Actually, the client has to take a role to decide the theme by himself before the every session and suggest it to the coach. The coach doesn’t decide the theme of the session.

Because in the coaching session we take a time for the issue or goal of the client.
Client decides the theme of each session whichever he wants about his life and career.
He has to tell the theme to the coach. Also he has to let the coach know about the process.

In case the roles are not clear and coach work hard for client, interestingly the client stop to work hard.

Keep Focusing on “Why the client wants to do that?”

After some times, the dialogue tends to focus on “What did you do yesterday?”, “So what do you want to do today?”. But what coach has to do is keep client’s motivation by focusing on “Why the client wants to do that?”.

When the client know “why he want”, he takes initiative of thinking and action to achieve his goal. In this case, the coach can concentrate to accelerate the client thought and action then the client can solve the issue and achieve his goal much earlier than when he doesn’t have a coach.

The task management of client doesn’t go root code.
Yesterday, I focused on “his action/task” and the client was in a loop and couldn’t think deeply. Finally, we couldn’t use 10 min efficiently.

If you didn’t see the PURPOSE of the action but ONLY his action, the coaching session flow on the surface and it doesn’t work well. I could learn many things from this fail.

Why People CAN Challenge the difficulty?When People Take the EASY Way Out?

You have experienced when you could challenge the difficulty, on the other hand when you couldn’t achieve though you motivated much, haven’t you?

When could you challenge the difficulty?
Why you couldn’t do and until when you could continue to do what you couldn’t achieve?

Yesterday, regardless it’s big or small challenge, the value of coach is supporting the client to make condition not to take a easy way out when the client challenge.

When the client takes a easy way out, I think there is no thought why he does do it.

We, as a coach, remind the client the the root cause of his action by asking “Is it really important?”, “Why do you want to do that?”

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Easy to understand why the client has overwhelming outcome.
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